Sunday, April 17, 2011

grow to be perfect...IN LOVE

... a nice day

...just had one exquisite day yesterday... I found out that I can fall in love with everything, a flower, a smile, a tree... you maybe think I am crazy but sometimes I miss this craziness in this insane world. I bet you do too.
The day started with a big, huge, immense, colossal... HUG from my mum...I felt that all bad things were erased in that moment. And then I asked myself how can she love me with all my stupid things, with all bad ...and some good :).... she just can see me, she can see the real ME... I love her even more than she can imagine, I love her because she taught me to love, to receive love, she taught me not to judge without knowing...

That was my perfect day...and you know something? I LOVE YOU !!!!!!